Gulf State Aviation in partnership with Hawkmasters, LLC is an approved agent for refurbished, like-new ex-U.S. Military UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters. The refurbished Black Hawk market is emerging, and many countries and companies are now realizing that this exceptional helicopter is now more obtainable than ever before, at a fraction of the cost of a new helicopter.

Through the refurbishment program, the Black Hawk helicopters are completely refurbished at a modern, state of the art facility in Alabama. Beginning with a meticulous inspection of the airframe, the aircraft undergo repair to any airframe or component discrepancies, followed by a thorough corrosion check. Next is a complete strip and paint, the installation of new windows and other airframe items, and final customization of the aircraft according to each customer’s specification. This may include NextGen avionics, cargo hooks, rescue hoists, or other systems.

Purchasing a Black Hawk is one thing, supporting it is another. Through our affiliation with several leading support companies, Gulf State Aviation is able to offer turn-key services, some of which include the following:

  • Aircraft delivery and set-up
  • Global spare parts support and component tracking 
  • Field maintenance training and support, both initial and on-going
  • Depot maintenance training and support, both initial and on-going
  • Pilot training, both initial and on-going
  • Logistics support, so your mission stays on track regardless of where you're operating
  • Special equipment installation, training, and support
  • On-going auditing and oversight of the program, to ensure the operation is achieving the desired results, and the aircraft are being used to their full capability

For more information on why a refurbished Black Hawk helicopter may be the right aircraft for your mission, give us a call and we'll explain the many benefits that come with operating a Black Hawk.

Or click on this link and download our brochure to have a closer look at this remarkable helicopter.