Aircraft Sales

Gulf State Aviation, LLC specializes in a variety of aircraft, ranging from commercial airliners to business jets, helicopters, and ex-military aircraft. We are unique in that we have the experience to cross over multiple aircraft types, and are comfortable doing so. So whatever your aircraft needs may be, give us a call to discuss how we can help. We'll give you straight answers on what's available and current market conditions, as well as walk you through the entire process. We've helped our clients throughout the world navigate the entire buy/sell process, and are experts on getting things done that others may not be able to.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so give us a call to learn about our latest aircraft listings.

Engine Sales & Procurement

Gulf State Aviation, LLC actively procures commercial jet engines. Over the years the company has purchased numerous engines, including the GE CF6, CFM56, and V2500 line of engines. The company has an extensive network of clients and engine service providers throughout the world, and is continually updating our inventory of available engines and modules to purchase either for our own requirements, or for those of our clients.

In addition to engines sales, we also actively support our clients and assist with shop visits and overhauls. The company is actively marketing engine support and sales throughout Africa and the Middle East, and we work closely with several world class MRO facilities to help streamline the shop visit process for our clients.

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